UMATAC and thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies are now part of FLSmidth.

4838 Richard Road SW, Suite 400 | Calgary, AB, Canada T3E 6L1
Telephone: 403.910.1000

Pilot Plant (ATP60)

UMATAC Industrial Processes is the developer and supplier of the Alberta Taciuk Processes for extraction, recovery, and primary upgrading of hydrocarbons from oil shale, oil sand, and hydrocarbon waste materials.

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Dynamic Angle of Repose of Dried Stuart Shale

Physical characteristics of the ore, such as the angle of repose, is measured to establish design criteria for material handling equipment and storage units.

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Demonstration Facility in Australia

The Stuart Energy Demonstration Plant was the first large scale ATP with a rated throughput capacity of 6000 t/d of feed shale, producing 4500 bbl/d of oil.

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Alberta Taciuk Processor in China

Design and construction of the first ATP plant in China commenced in early 2006 and was completed in 2010. Rated at 230 t/h this facility has an oil shale processing capacity of 1,750,000 tonnes/year and produces 108,000 tonnes/year of product hydrocarbons.

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UMATAC Industrial Processes develops and provides the ATP technology. Located in Calgary, Alberta, UMATAC operates an engineering office, a research laboratory and pilot scale demonstrator ATP plant to support continued development of the technology as well as to investigate new applications for processing candidate feed materials.

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Oil Shale Information

Oil shale is a sedimentary rock containing a solid organic material called kerogen. Kerogen is a complex hydrocarbon molecule resulting from the gradual decomposition of organic residue from plant and animal life and can be thought of as a very immature form of oil and gas. Given sufficient time, geologic forces could convert kerogen into conventional oil and gas. This natural process would take millions of years. Using modern processing techniques, the trans-formation can be rapidly accomplished and kerogen can be converted into non-conventional oil and gas.

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