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ATP | ATP Overview - General Information

ATP model

The Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP) is proprietary pyrolysis technology for separating and recovering hydrocarbons from ores and wastes. The technology is currently active in a number of markets:

  • Renewable fuels and recycled carbon black (waste tire processing)
  • Oil production from mined ores (oil shale, oil sands)
  • Ore upgrading and valorizing (coal)
  • Environmental remediation (cleanup of soils and oil wastes)

Small and large-scale variants of the technology are available:

For resource extraction applications, a large rotating kiln with multiple compartments was developed, termed the “ATP Processor”. The oil shale projects at Stuart Australia, Fushun China, and Jordan (JEML) were developed on this platform. Each of these compartments or zones serves a unique purpose such as to preheat and dry incoming feed, to allow for thermal reactions to occur for recovery of hydrocarbons, and the combustion of by product coke. The ATP is a dry thermal processing technology (produces dry tailings) and can be used in a variety of applications. These applications include the extraction and recovery of oil from oil sand, oil shale, and in environmental clean-up and remediation projects.

For smaller throughput applications, the kiln is often simpler and has fewer zones. In some variants, only the retort is rotating and it is heated by a stationary (non-rotating) furnace. The rubber pyrolysis units are based on one of these simpler platforms.

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