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The 1970’s

UMATAC Industrial Processes was formed and the first ATP Pilot Plant was constructed.

First ATP Plant Construction 1977
First ATP Plant Construction 1977

ATP Control Room 1979
ATP Control Room 1979

The 1980’s

The main focus of the decade was oil sand pilot plant testing and developing commercial plant concepts and cost estimates. Test work began on Australian oil shale in the later part of the 1980’s.

Technology development was supported by industry and government stakeholders through the Alberta Oil Sands Technology Research Authority (AOSTRA).

1982 - Inside ATP
Inside the preheat zone of the pilot
ATP during oil sands testing 1982

The 1990’s

A 60 barrel per day Alberta Taciuk Process Pilot Plant (ATP60) was built, oil sand pilot studies continued, and a portable 10 ton per hour commercial hazardous waste cleanup plant was constructed and operated. Treatability testing of oil sands and oil shales from various locations around the world were examined. The first major scale up of the ATP occurred in the later part of the decade in Australia (Stuart Stage I Demonstration Facility).

The 2000’s

The Stuart Stage I Demonstration Facility operations were ongoing until the mid part of the decade. USA, Jordanian, Estonian, and Chinese oil shale pilot testing studies using the ATP60 were carried out. Commercial plant design and construction of an ATP Plant in north east China.

In 2005, the Stuart demonstration project successfully completed it’s objectives of proving the ATP Technology, ATP Processor scale up, and commercial Hydrotreating of shale oil naphtha.

ATP Construction in China Completed 2010
ATP Construction in China Completed 2010

The 2010’s

Construction and commissioning of the first commercial ATP Plant was completed in Fushun, China.

UMATAC was acquired by ThyssenKrupp. TK was familiar with the ATP technology, having supplied equipment to both the Stuart and Fushun projects.

UMATAC opened new lab and development facilities in Calgary, Alberta. These facilities housed the Oil Sands / Oil Shale Research Centre.

Development of ATP based tire rubber recycling projects in Canada and the UK.

Development of ATP based coal tar processing projects in Asia.

UMATAC expertise in scale up and tkIS ability to supply large mineral processing equipment led to several contracts with Canadian oil sands companies to provide research and scale up engineering for new technology blocks, such as solvent-based extraction.